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Town of Walkerville

A message from Kiki Magro, CEO, Town of Walkerville

In 2018, Walkerville Council embarked on becoming a White Ribbon Accredited Organisation – in my view, one of the most important social change initiatives we have undertaken as an organisation.

We are one of only a small number of metropolitan Councils seeking accreditation and our success will rest on everyone’s support and advocacy.

It is everyone’s  job  - men and women - to reject and prevent violence against women.  The accreditation program will give my team the tools to be able to respond to incidents of violence - whether it occurs inside or outside the workplace - and to prevent this violence from occurring in the first instance.  So far, the journey has raised awareness; encouraged conversations and supported advocates for change within our organisation.  I am proud of the work so far and excited about the next steps in our journey.

In December 2018, the White Ribbon Accreditation program was the central theme of our annual staff planning day.  A short video was produced in which individual staff members  (including myself and Elizabeth Fricker, Mayor of Walkerville) could add their voice to the White Ribbon campaign.    

Click HERE to see the video.

Join Walkerville Council as we Stand Up, Speak Out and Act to prevent violence against women. 

Click HERE to go to the White Ribbon Australia website.