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Town of Walkerville

There are many good reasons to look for and follow the instructions on parking signs in the Town of Walkerville.

As a resident or a visitor, you will be helping yourself and others by reducing traffic congestion. Along with improving road safety, letting buses, service and emergency vehicles navigate our streets more easily and effectively, as well as improving the overall look and feel of the local environment. Not only that, you will also avoid the fines that are applicable to various parking offences under the Australian Road Rules and help us help you with better management of our parking and traffic flow.

Parking Complaints

The Town of Walkerville will continue to be active in the community with the enforcement of the Australian Road Rules.

If you witness illegal parking, this may be reported to Council on 8342 7100. You are invited to contact this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is recommend you contact Council as soon as possible when you witness an offence so that an officer may be dispatched immediately.

Parking Infringements

The Town of Walkerville is not responsible for the fees that are associated with parking offences; expiation fees are set be the State Government and apply to all Councils.

The Expiation of Offences Act 1996, states that an expiation notice “may be given personally; or by service on an employee or agent of the alleged offender; or by post, addressed to the alleged offender’s last know place of business or residence.

If you receive a parking infringement you have 28 days (including the date issued) to make the payment. 

Payments in Full can be made:

  • In Person, at the Town of Walkerville, Civic and Community Centre, 66 Walkerville Terrace.
  • By Mail to Town of Walkerville, PO Box 55, Walkerville SA 5081
  • Over the Phone on 8342 7100 to make a Credit Card payment

If payment is not received within the required timeframe, a Reminder notice will be issued which additional fees apply.

As of 3 February 2014 all expiations and reminder notices not paid by the due date will be enforced with the Chief Recovery Officer. For more information please visit

Parking Expiation Review

If you receive an expiation notice and you wish to appeal this notice, then please download the Submission for Review of Expiation Notice form below.

If you are experiencing severe financial hardship and cannot afford to pay your expiation by the due date please contact the Chief Recovery Officer on 1800 659 538 or visit to make alternative arrangements, fees may apply.

Residential Parking Permits

In some areas of the Town of Walkerville, where there is limited available on-street parking and/or additional conflict between parking users, Council may, at its absolute discretion, give preference to local residents in order to adhere to the principles of amenity and convenience.  This will be managed through the implementation of Residential Parking Permits and signposted Residential Parking Permit exempt zones.

Residential Parking Permits are issued in accordance with Council’s Residential Parking Permit Policy, linked at the bottom of this page.

To be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit, the applicant must be a resident of the Town of Walkerville, whose normal place of residence is subject to restrictive parking controls that provide for resident permit exemption. The number of parking permits that a resident may be eligible for is dependent on the amount of off-street parking available at their place of residence. There is a fee payable for each permit.

Two Types of Residential Parking Permits are available; 

  • Fixed Residential Parking Permits are permits that are issued with respect to specific vehicles and are not transferable to other vehicles. Any tampering, alteration or misuse of the permit will render the permit invalid.
  • Transferable Residential Parking Permits are permits that are issued with respect to a residential address and are transferable to other vehicles. Any tampering, alteration or misuse of the permit will render the permit invalid.
  • Additional transferable Parking Permits may be issued at the discretion of the CEO.  Applications under this section must be made to the CEO in writing by the permanent resident who meets the eligibility criteria of this policy and outline the nature of the exceptional circumstances.

Permits will be issued in respect to a specific street / suburb address. Permits are not transferable from one residential parking permit exempt zone to another.

 If you have any questions please contact Council on 8342 7100 or via email to

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