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Town of Walkerville

Every four years, Council revisits its strategic plan and presents a draft to the community for feedback.  In late 2015, the Elected Members began to define their strategic vision to take the Township to 2020.  

The 2016-2020 strategic plan is called Living in the Town of Walkerville:  a strategic community plan.  Following a period of public consultation, the plan was adopted  by the Elected Members on the 18 July 2016. 

This plan gives Council a framework for decisions about infrastructure investment, assets, community and corporate services.  Future projects and budgets will be assessed on their capacity to deliver the targets in the plan as well as for how they align to the aspirations of the five key focus areas.

Click here to download a summary of the 2016-2020 plan

Click here to download the full document 

Click here to refer to the 2012-2016 strategic plan  that was adopted in 2012.