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Town of Walkerville

Dogs are great companions and lifelong friends. Dog ownership is extremely rewarding and has also been associated with healthy living and overall life enjoyment. To ensure you can continue to enjoy your furry companions for a long time please see below information on responsible dog ownership.

Dog Registrations Renewals 2018/19

The Dog and Cat Management Board will be posting dog registration renewal notices to Walkerville dog owners from Monday, 9th July 2018.  The registration renewal notices will include information on how to pay for dog registration on-line through the new Dogs and Cats online (DACO) website and include a permanent registration disc with a unique identification number for your dog.  

When you receive your renewal notice, you are encouraged to log on to DACO through their website and follow the prompts to self-manage your dog’s information and pay the annual registration renewal fee.

Dog owners that do not have access to a computer can come into the Council Office, and staff will be able to assist you to register your dog(s).

6 Simple steps to pay your Dog registration online

Please follow these simple steps to complete your registration.

  Before you start make sure you have:

·        Your renewal notice

·        An email address

·        Drivers Licence, if applicable

·        Any valid concession cards

·        Desexing and microchipping certificates

·        Credit card or electronic banking NB: if you are unable to pay electronically, please select another option at the bottom of    your renewal notice.

G o to

1.    Select ‘Renew Registration’

2.     Enter your renewal code and surname (a s provided on your Dog and Cat Registration Renewal Notice)

3.     Check your personal Details to complete and populate the mandatory fields

4.     Breeder registration , if applicable, for breeders of dogs or cats for sale after 1 July 2018

5.     Check the dog details including your dog’s microchip number

6.     Enter  your payment details to pay and complete the renewal process.

Please note it is recommended to register your dog once you receive your renewal notice.

New Owner - Just got your first D og or Cat?

If you have never registered a dog or cat previously with Council, you can register as a “New owner” on Dogs and Cats Online at

You will need to select

1.     “Register as New Owner”, 

2.     Provide your personal details, including email address and contact phone number

3.     Enter breeder registration if applicable, for breeders of dogs or cats for sale

4.     Enter the dog/cat details and upload certificates of desexing and microchipping

5.     Enter your payment details if registration fees are payable

6.     Create a password within 24 hours, following the link sent to your email.

  If you have any questions regarding your dog or cat registration please don’t hesitate to contact the Town of Walkerville.

Need to update your dog’s Microchip Number?

  Update today by going to and selecting “Complete Microchip Registration” and follow the prompts.

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